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Brazilian Journal of Biometrics is the official journal of the Brazilian Region of the International Biometric Society (RBras).

The 2022 Best Brazilian Journal of Biometrics Paper awards


From July 24 to 28, 2023, the 67th Annual Meetings of the Brazilian Region of the International Biometric Society (RBRAS), and the 20th Symposium on Applied Statistics to Agricultural Experimentation (SEAGRO) were held in Londrina-PR-Brazil. During these events, we award the Best Paper published on the Brazilian Journal of Biometrics (BJB) in the 2022.

Vol. 42 No. 2 (2024): Special issue on (bio)statistics and biometrics in the age of the digital revolution

Published: 15-04-2024

Classification of sugarcane areas in Landsat images using machine learning algorithms

Ana Clara Arantes Villas Bôas de Barros, Marcelo Andrade Silva, Rodrigo Domiciano Marques, Cristian Villegas, Ana Cláudia dos Santos Luciano


Probabilistic Modeling of the Coffee Market in Brazil

Otávio Magno Teixeira, Jerônimo Alves Santos, Gilberto Rodrigues Liska


Reliability of repairable systems with Non-Central Gamma frailty

Adriane Caroline Teixeira Portela, Éder Silva de Brito, Vera Lucia Damasceno Tomazella, Carlos Alberto Ribeiro Diniz, Paulo Henrique Ferreira


Analysis of environmental sustainability perception in Paraná Basin III residents via Item Response Theory

Renan Barufaldi Bueno, Marcelo Andrade Silva, Edna Possan, Silvana Vincenzi


Linear mixed-effects models and least confounded residuals in the modelling of Holstein calves’ performance

Allison Queiroz de Oliveira, Milaine Poczynek, Carla Maris Machado Bittar, César Gonçalves de Lima


Sequential Bayesian approach for genetic diversity analysis of the piracanjuba fish (Brycon orbignyanus)

Isabela da Silva Lima, Carla Regina Guimarães Brighenti, Gabriel de Menezes Yazbeck


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